Retirement Property Estepona

It is no secret that the sunny climate in Spain has been a huge attraction for people reaching retirement age as a place to set up home or have a residence they can visit throughout the year. The Costa del Sol has always been a favourite destination, and there is no reason why it will not remain so.

Most northern Europeans that choose the Costa del Sol to spend more of their time during the year do so, because of a variety of reasons.

The main reasons relate the weather as well as travel. It is easy to get to Malaga Airport from the majority of northern Europe with regular weekly flights, which in general don't take much more than a couple of hours. The resorts along the Costa del Sol are easily accessible with a good transport infrastructure such as buses, trains in some parts, and main roads.

Regardless of what might happen as a result of BREXIT for the UK population looking to buy in Spain, the healthcare remains one of the best in Europe and with new hospitals opening in Estepona, both private and public, as well as the main Marbella hospital, means people of retirement age, from anywhere in the world can relax knowing that there is a good healthcare structure on place.

The outdoor lifestyle is another huge attraction. Long days spent relaxing in the sun or walking around resorts and golf clubs, have huge health benefits and keep the more elderly moving and fitter. In much of northern Europe it is simply not possible to spend as much time outside because of the weather.

The Mediterranean diet is also considered to be one of the healthiest. Lots of fresh salads and vegetables and good oily fish seem to be good for joints and general wellbeing, especially when mixed with the additional walking and exercise people tend to do.

Here at The Property Experience Group we have many fabulous homes that would suit the more senior buyers. From single story villas and bungalows to apartments with lift access and easy parking.

If you are considering a retirement home on the Costa del Sol, we would highly recommend looking at Estepona property. It is a quieter area than some of the resorts further east, plus it has fantastic amenities.