Marbella New Property Back On Track

During the last 4 months of 2017, the Marbella Town Planning department awarded in total 92.5 million works licenses, which is a 40% increase to the 63.3 million awarded in the first eight months of 2017, clearly indicating a desire to move on by the current government team in place.

Maria Francisca Caracuel, who has appeared with the spokesman of the government team, Felix Romero explained that "the momentum that we have given to the delegation of Urbanism since we assumed the municipal management has begun to bare its fruits". In the months of November and December a total of 63.4 million was granted in building permits, creating a monthly average of 30 million, compared to the 8 million recorded between January and August.

The mayor has specified that the overall figure for 2017 in this section is 158.8 million compared to 75.2 million in 2016.

It was also indicated that the 'Local Government Board' can be credited for 36 contracts with an investment of 10,360,000 euros "that want to boost the image of the city through the execution of a series of works."

New developments and off-plan property purchases are very much back in demand both in Marbella and more especially within the Estepona area. Over the years we have been at the forefront of property development and construction as well as sales, so we are able to advise on the best projects for your personal requirements.

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