Terminal 2 Modernisation

Many regular travellers to the Costa del Sol will remember the fairly antiquated airport terminal you flew in and out of. A few years ago it was just terminals 1 and 2 that served the majority of flights but major investment was ploughed into the airport and the new airport terminal 3 was finally completed and opened to the public with most flights now checking in through the new terminal.

Terminal 2 remained open and operational with EasyJet still using it for their passengers to check in.

However the contrast between the two terminals is stark. Terminal 3, a glass modern and bright infrastructure with modern facilities and then terminal 2, a tired dull and fairly depressing place.

To be fair terminal 2 at Malaga Airport was built some 26 years ago so in its day it was probably a modern building. Well the good news is that Aena who operates and owns the airport, is to put in 8.4 million euros to bring T-2 up to date with T-3.

All facilities in this older terminal will be modernised and updated including floors, ceilings, toilets and even the hot and cold air systems.

The tender process

The work has now been put out to tender to allow for businesses to submit their bids and apply for the work. These tenders need to be received by 15 September so that a final decision can be made and then once work commences it is estimated that it will take 20 months to complete.

Parking improvements

As well as the work on the new terminal, additional funds have been allocated to improve parking for the many rental car firms operating at the airport as well as for staff parking.