Estepona’s Exciting Season Ahead in 2017

Andalusian Soul

We like to consider Estepona a hidden gem amongst the many communities and villages on the Costa del Sol. Not only is it a dream location of sunshine, sea and golf, Estepona is considered to be prime real estate, which is why smart spenders consider buying property in Estepona a sensible investment. Even though Estepona town centre continues to be completely unspoiled and oozes traditional charm, the surrounding area has undergone some incredible changes over the last few years. Today, there are several projects in the pipeline and Estepona’s progress seems to be coming together very nicely indeed.

What’s new in Estepona?

Back in December of 2016, Estepona’s long awaited hospital project was finally given the green light. Malaga’s provincial authority released funding for a state-of-the-art hospital that will serve Estepona’s 70,000 population as well as the thousands of tourists who virtually double the local population each year. The Town Hall will pay for the construction of the hospital as well as a number of new Estepona property developments due to be built in the surrounding areas. Completion of the new Estepona hospital is expected to take 22 months. As you can well imagine, any type of construction taking place across the Costa del Sol is a good sign and more so, this is incredible news for the property sector in Estepona.

The Hanging Garden

Serious investment in the further beautification of Estepona started in the spring in 2016 when the hanging garden was presented. The garden is a riot of colourful pots full of geraniums sprouting from every wall on virtually every street. You may also notice that there are several large vibrant murals dotted throughout the town. Even better than the geraniums is the exotic glass-domed orchidarium, it should definitely be on the top of your must-see list when you visit Estepona. Although relatively new, this futuristic greenhouse packed with over 8,000 species of orchids and three waterfalls, has attracted more than 250.000 visitors during its first year (2016). This trend should continue considering the record breaking numbers of tourists visiting Malaga province.

The Costal Path in Estepona

Estepona’s Town Hall has just been given the go ahead to build three more sections of the coastal path. The project is called ‘Senda Litoral’ and the aim is to create one long walkway running the entire length of Malaga province. In Estepona, the three stretches of paths will connect Hacienda Beach and La Chimenea, El Roquero and Doncella beach. Estepona’s councillor for the infrastructure and tourism, Ana Velasco, explains, “The Hacienda Beach to La Chimenea link would be 310m long and will be built of wood. The budget is 449,000€. In Punta La Plata the uneven ground will mean that some of the pathway will be built on stilts and the cost will be 406,000€ for this 275-metre stretch.” – Sur in English

Rock Music Returns to Estepona

After an absence of several years, a rock concert is scheduled to take place at the Plaza De Toros in Estepona on Saturday 26th August 2017. The Pink Purple Zep Fest is a celebration of the music of three of the biggest and most influential rock bands of the 20th Century. The leading tribute bands to the original artists from the UK, Think Floyd, Deeper Purple and Whole Lotta Led will be performing the music of Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin at a concert which promises to be “the” rock event of 2017 on the Costa Del Sol. Further information is available at

Estepona’s Past & Future is Set

Once a small fishing village, Estepona has evolved into a tourist’s hotspot garnering more and more attention with each passing year. Further work and investment within the area provide an opportunity for tourists, residents, and investors to benefit from the constantly improving environment and financial upgrades. The planned construction on this section of the Costa del Sol, provides access to newly constructed property which boasts of all the modern conveniences and the latest technology. Owning a holiday home or buying one of the brand new properties for sale in Estepona as a rental property, can deliver excellent potential returns on your investment, in rental yields and capital gains. The booming tourism industry in Malaga looks set to continue, providing a consistent market for high quality beachside, frontline golf and brand new rental properties in Estepona.